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Zillow, the extremely popular real estate listing site, has been in hot water recently over their ‘Zestimate’ tool that promises consumers an accurate estimate for housing prices and rent. The issue was brought to light by Barbara Anderson who is a real estate lawyer in Glenview, IL. who has filed a suit over a “tremendous road block” to one of her listings. The ‘Zestimate’ tool, according to Anderson, was over $100,000 off in its estimate of her townhome’s value.

Anderson is arguing that because Zillow is essentially doing appraisals, they would need to be licensed in order to do so legally. She also argues that ZIllow should need homeowners consent before promoting the tool as an accurate measurement of the home’s worth. Zillow promises that the tool is always in a 5% radius of the home’s worth, at most. But realty agents and appraisers estimate that the tool can be off 20-30% and is only off by 5%, 53.9% of the time.

Luckily for consumers, there are more accurate and more reliable market analysis options.

A Better Alternative

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