Selling 101 – Step 1: Hire Your Seller’s Agent

Today we are bringing you our first in a series of posts about selling and buying real estate that intends to inform our readers of essential real estate tips.

In the selling process  the first thing we advise doing, before any other steps, is hiring your seller’s agent.

Hiring a sellers agent will ensure that your home is in the best of hands. They’ll be able to use their wealth of real estate knowledge to sell your home efficiently an easily – no headaches needed.

The home-selling process can be strenuous and seem intimidating to start. A sellers agent can help you understand what you’re getting into – with YOUR wishes and best interests in mind. How do they do all this?

Their network of marketing and real estate professionals who have a passion for selling homes and making sellers like you happy. Whether its taking care of all the legal paperwork, shooting professional pictures, or creating marketing material and videos, they can always be found working for you.

Want to know more about hiring a sellers agent?

Contact me for more info by emailing at or calling at 630.460.7953.
Visit our Selling page that has useful selling tips and infographics.

About Gerardo Zavala:

Gerardo Zavala is a full-time REALTOR® at Realty of Chicago, a full-service real estate agency founded by Eduardo “Eddie” Garcia in 2005. Both Gerardo and the agency specialize in marketing residential, commercial, and investment properties through its vibrant social media and video channels. The company’s motto “#LoveWhatYouDo” is an empowerment to everyone that is living their dream just as ROC agents do.

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