Sell or Remodel Workshop

Sell Or Remodel Workshop – Ask Questions, Get Answers

Do you want to know your options before you sell or remodel? Maybe you’re stuck in the middle and want to know the facts before you make your next move?

Attend our Sell Or Remodel Workshop. We have you covered.

The choice to sell or remodel is a big one and can sometimes be difficult to navigate. It’s important to learn what your best option would be from an expert because they can help guide you through the maze of potential choices.  For example, you could remodel your home and then potentially get a better selling price for when you do decide to sell. Or, you could just sell, which is a viable option when the home may have too many areas that would need to be updated. Want to fully explore your options? Come to our workshop!

Talk to experts in their field, an AIA Architect, a Renovation Lender, and a local REALTOR. Get 15-minute intervals with each expert in a small group setting. Fast and informative – never boring. Pens and note pads provided to take notes.

Want to ask a question in advance? Go to

Meet Your Experts:

Studio ARQ, LLC

JAVIER ARELLANO, Renovation Lender
Guaranteed Financial

Realty of Chicago

Say “thank you” to our sponsors Slice Factory and the Berwyn Park District for complimentary pizza and the venue to hold the workshop. No cover and free information. We kindly ask that you register at

About Gerardo Zavala:

Gerardo Zavala is a full-time REALTOR® at Realty of Chicago, a full-service real estate agency founded by Eduardo “Eddie” Garcia in 2005. Both Gerardo and the agency specialize in marketing residential, commercial, and investment properties through its vibrant social media and video channels. The company’s motto “#LoveWhatYouDo” is an empowerment to everyone that is living their dream just as ROC agents do.

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