Real Estate Tips: How Kids Benefit From Homeownership

Although they’re not the ones buying a home, or making financial decisions, children can be a huge factor in determining whether to rent, or buy.

It turns out that children actually can benefit greatly from the decision to buy a home

So what are the benefits to children from homeownership?

Better Grades in School: Being in a stable long-term environment can positively impact children’s ability to stay focused in school. With no worries of switching schools, or moving, in their near future their minds have the mental freedom to stay focused on their education and schoolwork.

Better Behavior: The sense of security that is created for children through homeownership helps stop children from developing some behavioral issues that may stem from an inconsistent, possibly more stressful, living environment.

Safer Community: Studies have shown that homeownership leads to a lower crime rate and a safer environment that children can run around in and explore with abandon.

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About Gerardo Zavala:

Gerardo Zavala is a full-time REALTOR® at Realty of Chicago, a full-service real estate agency founded by Eduardo “Eddie” Garcia in 2005. Both Gerardo and the agency specialize in marketing residential, commercial, and investment properties through its vibrant social media and video channels. The company’s motto “#LoveWhatYouDo” is an empowerment to everyone that is living their dream just as ROC agents do.

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