Real Estate Tips: Benefits of Being a Homeowner

It’s everyone’s dream to become a homeowner someday, but do you know all the benefits of homeownership?

Homeownership Is An Investment: 

It’s not only an investment in you, but also your family. Homes can be passed down through the generations and be a centerpiece for special family occasions.

It’s Smarter Than Paying Rent:

Paying rent, while a great temporary solution, isn’t great long-term because the payments do not go towards a permanent address. Paying mortgage payments is smarter because every payment makes you that much closer to paying off your home and making it officially your home.

Payments That Won’t Go Up:

Never live at the mercy of your landlord again. The agreement between you and the bank will have specific terms that will dictate your manageable monthly payments for the length of time you’ve agreed to pay. This agreement will ensure your future and create a predictability that makes planning your financials simple.

You Will Have A Place To Call Home:

A place that is yours and yours only! This ownership gives you free reign to change what you wish – which you can’t do while renting. Make your home definitively yours – a home that can’t be mistaken for anyone else’s.

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About Gerardo Zavala:

Gerardo Zavala is a full-time REALTOR® at Realty of Chicago, a full-service real estate agency founded by Eduardo “Eddie” Garcia in 2005. Both Gerardo and the agency specialize in marketing residential, commercial, and investment properties through its vibrant social media and video channels. The company’s motto “#LoveWhatYouDo” is an empowerment to everyone that is living their dream just as ROC agents do.

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